We are the UK distributor for the Trojan Technologies Group, the largest ultra-violet (UV) water treatment manufacturer worldwide. We can offer you the best solution for your water filtration needs, accessing both low and medium pressure systems from the brands within the Trojan Technologies group, TrojanUV, Aquafine and Viqua.

This gives us an unrivalled position in the UK UV water treatment market as most other providers can only offer low or medium pressure, by offering both we give you the optimum solution for clean water.

UV technology can be more effective than chemicals in destroying certain waterborne contaminants. This environmentally friendly technology provides treated water for a diverse range of applications.

Our expert team of highly qualified ultra violet water treatment technicians will provide advice on your water treatment, installation and servicing & spares.

Affordable Water Filter Systems

We can supply anything from very small domestic water filter systems, with suitable filtration to provide a self-contained drinking water unit, to larger commercial and industrial water purification systems, to suit a diverse range of markets. The markets we cover range from domestic supply, sustainable rainwater harvesting, food & food processing, brewing & beverage, aquaculture, pharmaceutical, life science, ballast water, swimming pools & spa’s and electronics.

These markets all use or re-use water in some way or other and may require one of our water purification systems. This can be for simple disinfection purposes, to eliminate EColi, Legionella, Giardia and Crypto Sporidium, to provide clean drinking water. The removal of chloramines from recreational water to provide a safer and more enjoyable environment for bathers and staff. The elimination of chlorine for pure water to be used in the life science, pharmaceutical and electronics markets and in the treatment of sugar syrup for the beverage industry. So where there is a process using water, there is the high probability that one of our water filter systems can be used as part of a process to benefit the end user.

We just need to know the flow rate, target pathogen or bug you want to eliminate and the quality of the water to be able to offer a solution. This could be one of our simple UV water filter systems, or it could incorporate other treatments such as filters or softeners.