Established in 1949, Aquafine Corporation is a Southern California – based company recognised as one of the largest ultraviolet equipment manufacturers in the     world. Located in Valencia, CA, Aquafine’s state-of-the-art facility and UV technology allows Aquafine’s advanced UV water treatment systems to meet the changing requirements and needs of a diverse customer base around the world.

Water quality worldwide is deteriorating rapidly and the wealth of the population, as well as size, is increasing. These factors point to an ever increasing market for environmentally safe and clean products in the future. Wealth allows people to demand better quality products to improve the quality of life – and these products require a clean and sterile water supply. With an intimate knowledge of UV applications and a depth of experience in robust product design and manufacturing, Aquafine provides UV solutions.

Aquafine provides UV solutions worldwide for TOC reduction, chlorine and chloramines destruction, ozone destruction and disinfection in the following sectors of the Industrial/Commercial market:

  • Process water: Food, beverage and cosmetic industries
  • Ultrapure water: Microelectronic and life science industries
  • Aquaculture: Fish hatcheries, grow-out facilities and shellfish cultures
  • Marine: Disinfection of drinking water and wastewater on marine vessels
  • Recreational applications: Fountains, swimming pools, aquariums and car washes
  • Wastewater: Disinfection in the food, beverage, microelectronics, etc.