Brita water filters and associated products are available from KK Water Purification for both the Domestic and Catering markets.


KK Water Purification is pleased to offer a comprehensive range of domestic Brita filters, Brita water filter jugs and associated equipment. Since the early 1990’s Brita Water Filter Jugs and Brita Filter Taps have found their way into many British homes to provide families with purified drinking water.

Brita filters combine a blend of activated carbon and ion exchange resin which reduce limescale and heavy metals such as lead and copper.

You will have seen the Brita water filter jugs advertised, so have a look in our products for the latest designs. You can also view the range of Brita filters taps that provide the convenience of filtered water at the turn of a handle. These are fitted with a traffic light indicator to tell you when to change the cartridge.

rosedalelargeThe tap cartridge lasts for 500 litres or 13 weeks, whichever comes first. It can be mounted vertically or horizontally so will fit around other under sink items. A simple ‘screw fit’ connector allows the cartridge to be changed in seconds.

If you want to add filtered water around the house take a look at the Online Active ranges. The Online Active works with your own cold water tap and uses the A1000 fully recyclable cartridge. If you require a dedicated tap then fit the Online Acive Plus, which uses the P1000 cartridge. Yes, it’s fully recyclable like it’s A1000 cousin! So what’s the difference between the two Brita water filters? The Online Active will give you great tasting drinking water by reducing chlorine and organic impurities. The Active Plus goes further by reducing limescale and metals from the drinking water it filters.


Brita water filtersThe Brita ST range provides an economical solution to the removal of contaminates in water supplies and has found popularity in machines for the catering world. By removing unwanted carbonate hardness, smells, flavours, chlorine and heavy metals it promotes higher quality food and drinks to consumers. It also has the added benefit of extending the life of your machine.

Use the Brita carbonate hardness test kit to quickly and easily determine the carbonate hardness of your water on site. Alternatively, BRITA Client Services or your local water supplier can provide information on your carbonate value. With this information and the aid of the by-pass and capacity table, you can then optimise the settings on your Brita water filters for maximum life.

britapurity1200Monitored versions will give you information about remaining capacity which can be extended to remote location via telemetry. The Brita filters are available without monitoring if you prefer. Both types are easy to remove and install when its time to replace and there’s an audible signal to let you know it’s engaged securely.

For added peace of mind the Brita water filters are designed to give a 10 year service life and has been tested and monitored by independent institutions and carries TUV, SVGW, WRAS, VA and other national quality marks.

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