cslFor 60 years, hospital and hotel installations worldwide, as well as Life Sciences and Microelectronic applications have relied on the quality and proven performance of Aquafine’s CSL™ plus series.

Aquafine CSL™ plus series features medium-flow models for numerous markets and applications. At 60 years, the series continues to be a popular choice, allowing features to be customized to customer specifications and industry requirements.

The CSL™ plus series consists of 316L stainless steel treatment chamber and a 304 stainless steel control panel in one integral unit. Complete with standard Lamp Status Indicator, the compact size maximizes installation flexibility and preserves floorspace. Single-ended (SE) lamps allow quick change-outs without tools. Upgrades for legacy models are available. CE rated for 240V only.

Flow rates are also available for other applications. For questions regarding your application needs, please contact your local Authorized Distributor or Aquafine Corporation for more information.

The CSL™ plus series medium-flow models are engineered for indoor installation and controlled operating environments in numerous markets and applications.


While Disinfection is the most common application for ultraviolet (UV) technology in water treatment, ozone destruction and TOC reduction are also common. After considering the appropriate variables, a properly designed and sized UV unit can be guaranteed and customized to suit your application needs, ensuring the integrity of the process and product.

UV Technology

The use of UV light technology for water treatment has several advantages. UV does not ‘add’ anything to the water stream such as undesirable color, odor, chemicals, taste or flavor, nor does it generate harmful by-products. It only imparts energy to the water stream in the form of ultraviolet radiation altering the DNA of microorganisms present and thereby destroying them.

Model: CSL plus 4R 6R 8R 12R 8R 60 10R60 12R60
Maximum Flow Rate
Disinfection (@94% UVT) GPM (M3/HR)* 40(9 60(14) 80(18) 130(30) 166(38) 215(49) 260(50)
Disinfection (@99% UVT) GPM (M3/HR)* 50(11) 78(18) 100(23) 156(36) 200(46) 260(59 315(72)
Number of UV Lamps (single-ended) 4 6 8 12 8 10 12
Electrical Requirements
Electrical Supply 120 or 240V/50-60HZ, Single Phase, 2W + GND
Operating Power Watts 190 265 370 540 590 730 865
Ballast Type Electronic
UV & Temperature monit. System Optional
Lamp Status Indicator Standard
Lamp Out Alert (LOA) Optional
Running Time Meter Standard
Hand Off Auto (HOA) Optional
Control Cabinet
Control Cabinet System Rating NEMA 1
Materials of Construction 304 Stainless Steel
Overall Dimensions Inches 40 X 10 X 23 44 X 11 X 28 68 X 11 X 28
MM 1016 X 254 X 584 1118 X 280 X 712 1727 X 280 X 712
Treatment Chamber
Materials of Construction 316L Stainless Steel
Internal Surface Finish RA32
Operating Temperature °F (°C) Water: 50° – 100° (10°-38°) Ambient Air: 50°-110° (10°-43°)
Max. Operating Pressure PSI (BAR) 120 (8) (150 (10) Optional)
Inlet/Outlet Flange Size*** Inches (mm) 2 (50) 3 (80) 4 (100)
Sanitary Fittings Optional
*Dose Level: >30 MJ/cm2 after 8,000 hours of operation for disinfection only.** ANSI class 150 flange.

All specifications are subject to change without notice.