This range has served us well in past years, since the early 1990’s to be more precise and it is still available both from a spare parts supply point of view, as well as new systems. However, we have other systems at our disposal that can provide the same result at lower cost.

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Model DM DW 5 DW8
Max. Operating Pressure PSIG (BAR) 120 (8)
Operating Temp. °F (°C) Water: 35° – 100° (2° – 38°) Ambient Air 33° – 110° (1° – 43) – other temperatures may be available.
Number of UV Lamps 1 1
Electrical Supply 120V/60HZ Or 240V/50HZ, Single phase, 2 W + GND
Operating Power 120 (240) V AC 48 (48) 61 (65)
Inlet / Outlet Size Inches (MM) ½ (12) MNPT ½ (12) MNPT
Drain Port N/A N/A
Flow Rate Disinfection (@99% UVT) GPM (M3/HR)* 5 (1.13) 10 (2.3)
*Dose Level: >30 MJ/cm2 after 8,000 hours of operation for disinfection only. Capacities listed are for disenfection only.

All specifications are subject to change without notice. For additional requirements, please contact Aquafine Corporation.

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