Is your water safe?

How safe is the water you drink? Do you really know for sure? If your home relies on a private water supply – whether it is a well, spring, lake or river – the quality of the water you and your family drink varies from day to day. Heavy rainfalls or melting snow can affect its purity. Agricultural run-off and distant sources of contamination can leach into groundwater over time and impact wells miles away. The simple fact is – water that has been safe for years will not necessarily be safe tomorrow.

Bad water test? 20% to 40% of wells are contaminated

Water quality studies commonly find that between 20 and 40 percent of wells in any given area are contaminated with E. coli or coliform bacteria. Unfortunately, most people don’t take precautions until they’ve experienced a bad water test. And then, the typical response is to simply pour chlorine bleach into their well. Using chemicals for disinfection is a short term solution. More importantly, chemicals can produce carcinogenic by-products and affect the taste and odor of your water.

Boil water advisory?

Township and city-managed water supplies aren’t failsafe, either. Boil water advisories are becoming more common. Beyond the inconvenience they cause, such advisories are a clear warning that the clean water we’ve taken for granted is becoming a scarce resource.

How does UV work?

The germicidal energy of ultraviolet light destroys illness-causing microorganisms by attacking their genetic core (DNA). This powerful dose of UV light eliminates their ability to reproduce, and the organisms simply die.

Water is purified by running it through a watertight chamber that contains an ultraviolet lamp. As water flows past, microorganisms are exposed to a lethal dose of germicidal UV energy.

Trojan UV Max

The proven way to safeguard your family’s drinking water.Install a TrojanUVMax IHS12-D4 water purification system and drink with confidence. You no longer have to be concerned about bad water tests, boil water advisories, or contamination by harmful microorganisms. The TrojanUVMax IHS12-D4 uses the same proven UV technology that we build into our large systems that purify the leading brands of bottled water and the drinking water of major cities. Tens of thousands of TrojanUVMax IHS12-D4 systems are at work protecting the water in homes, cottages, schools, daycare centers and other facilities. Here’s why.trojan3

Proven 99.99% effective

TrojanUVMax IHS12-D4 systems undergo exhaustive testing and evaluation to ensure they destroy 99.99 percent of harmful microorganisms, including E. coli, Cryptosporidium, and Giardia.

Environmentally-friendly and chemical-free

Purification with the TrojanUVMax IHS12-D4 is a safe, natural process that adds no chemicals and does not affect the taste or odor of your water.

Advanced, space-saving design

Using a sophisticated 3-D modeling process, we’ve designed a compact UV chamber that delivers maximum purification, and can fit just about anywhere in your home.

Automatic lamp replacement reminder

The helpful lamp timer starts at 365 and counts down the days to annual lamp replacement. An alarm will also sound at this one year mark. Once the lamp is replaced, a press of the lamp timer reset button will restart the countdown.

Confidence in Proper System Operation

Indicator lights on the power supply show the status of each system component. So, at a glance, you can confirm that your water is being purified properly. Warning lights appear when system maintenance is required.

Safe and easy to maintain

Replacing the UV lamp is simple and can be completed in minutes – without tools. A safety cap on the chamber prevents children from accessing the lamp or electrical components. The special lamp plug ensures that no one can power the UV lamp if it’s not in the UV chamber.

Stable, energy-efficient power delivery

The electronic power supply accurately maintains lamp intensity during power fluctuations, assuring continuous purification. The energy-efficient system uses about the same amount of energy as a 40 watt light bulb.

Handy Reference Card

Conveniently located behind the power supply, the reference card outlines the most important system functions and maintenance for your quick, on-the-spot questions.


VIQUA: Trusted around the world

The VIQUA name inspires water confidence around the world. In over 50 countries, our UV systems are treating and purifying water in thousands of cities, communities, industries and homes for literally millions of people. Everyday, our trusted UV systems treat more than 26 billion gallons of water.

The TrojanUVMax IHS12-D4 system uses the same proven UV technology and expertise that we build into the systems that purify the leading brands of bottled water and the drinking water of large cities like New York, Seattle, and Washington. Enjoy that same confidence in the water you and your family drink with TrojanUVMax IHS12-D4.

Comprehensive 3-Year Warranty

We guarantee the structural, hardware, and electrical components of the TrojanUVMax IHS12-D4 product line to be free of material defects for three years. Lamps and sleeves are guaranteed for one year. See full warranty and complete set of terms at:

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