Affordable Home Water Purification Systems

Water splashUltra Violet (UV) disinfection is currently used in a vast array of applications including whole house water filtration systems and point of use. All water has the potential of becoming contaminated before it reaches the tap and by implementing one of our affordable UV home water purification systems this potential is avoided.

All water that is fed to the public must have some type of disinfection implemented into the treatment process. This is required under drinking water regulations and in the UK also applies to Private Water Supplies (see PWS Regulations 2009).

Whether your water comes from a private well or a municipal supply, consumers still cannot be 100% confident in their drinking water, as problems can occur in the treatment process. We hear that a lot of investment is ongoing, renewing our very old distribution system? Private home owners can benefit the most from installing one of our UV whole house water filtration systems, as they know that no matter what happens to their borehole or the municipal water supply they can be confident that their water is safe to drink.

Cost Effective Whole House Water Filtration Systems

KK Water can advise on the most suitable home water purification systems for your property. It could be the simple addition of a UV disinfection system, complimented by filtration to remove sediment, taste & odour and if you want complete peace of mind then a water softener could be included.

A Water Softener saves money and adds a new quality to life. The need to clean the bathroom and toilet due to limescale build-up is virtually eliminated. Money is saved by reduced energy costs to heat your home and hot water. You also save on cleaning products for the home and your body, as you use less each time. Dishwashers and Washing Machines last longer with a water softener and at a lower cost than adding tablets! This applies to the kettle, boiler, hot water tank and other appliances that heat water too.