Provides TOC and chlorine destruction solutions for high volume, ultrapure, waste or reclaim applications

Aquafine SCD H systems for TOC (total organic carbon) and chlorine destruction can be found worldwide in state-of-the-art microelectronic facilities and life science applications – where meeting stringent criteria of the cGMP and full acceptance by the FDA are mandatory.

Perfect for ultrapure, waste or reclaim applications, the unit’s compact size reduces footprint and maximizes installation flexibility, which is suitable for indoor or outdoor installations. Single-ended (SE) HX lamps allow quick change-outs without tools.

The SCD H series consists of 316L stainless steel treatment chamber and a UL TYPE-1 painted carbon steel control cabinet, with a maximum cable length of 15 ft. (5m). The control cabinet features a microprocessor-based controller.

FLOWRATES: 60-170gpm @ 95% UVT, 70-200gpm @ 99% UVT
APPLICATION: TOC reduction, chlorine destruction
MARKETS: Food & Beverage, Life Sciences, Microelectronics