Specialists In Wastewater Treatment Systems

UV disinfection is a physical process that instantaneously neutralizes microorganisms as they pass by ultraviolet lamps submerged in the effluent. This waste water purification process adds nothing to the water but UV light. UV wastewater management and sewage water treatment systems are the only cost effective disinfection alternative that does not have the potential to create or release carcinogenic by products into the environment. In addition, UV wastewater treatment is an effective disinfectant for chlorine resistant protozoa like Cryptosporidium and Giardia. While unregulated in wastewater, these harmful protozoa, if left untreated, can find their way into drinking water intakes located downstream of the wastewater treatment plant.

Affordable wastewater management solutions

The adoption of ultraviolet light for waste water purification and sewage water treatment has grown significantly over the past few decades. Thousands of municipalities have converted from chemical-based disinfection, such as chlorine gas, to UV wastewater management solutions, due to the significant safety advantages for their communities, plant employees and local water bodies. As new wastewater treatment and sewage water treatment plants are constructed, UV waste water purification systems are most often selected for disinfection because of the cost savings in both initial construction and long term operation.

Waste water purification and sewage water treatment systems

The experience we have gained in the municipal sector can be transferred to the industrial market to enable us to offer safe wastewater management solutions for your waste water. In addition to this we can help with environmental contaminants from industrial and agricultural process’s such as pesticides, NDMA, Volatile Organic Compounds and Pharmaceutical products.